Goals & Objectives

  1. All projects, exhibits and educational processes will relate to people, items, or events of historical significance to Franklin County. Artifacts and records will be determined to be of historic significance if they are 50 years or older. Homes and farmsteads will be determined to be of historic significance if built prior to 1918.

  2. All projects will be prepared with a "Do It Right The First Time" mindset.

  3. All projects will conform to the requirements specified by the Board of Directors.

  4. Artifacts, records, and property which cannot immediately be determined to meet "historic significance" criteria will be reviewed by a committee to ascertain their historic value.

  5. Develop, educate, and recognize employees and volunteer workforce.

  6. Maintain all properties and grounds to set an example of "excellence."

  7. Promote an attitude of pride within the community.

  8. Recognize historic homes in Franklin County with historical signs if homes are maintained in the image consistent with our goals.

  9. Acknowledge all donations by letter with a Gift of Deed document signed by the donor and an FCHA representative.

  10. Review goals and objectives annually.