Donna Page Art Reception

B.F. Hicks

FCHA will host an artist reception for Donna Page on Friday, October 11th from 5-7 p.m. at the FireStation Museum. Donna's show will feature her large impressionistic abstract paintings, some small works paintings and the illustrated pages from her children's book, Katrina Dogs, which she wrote andillustrated. Katrina Dogs was written to encourage animal rescue to a young audience. Donna’s talent is in a variety of mediums ranging from traditional impressionistic fine art pieces to a technique callednegative painting which creates a more abstract form of fine art.

Page knew from age six that she wanted to be an artist. In college, she took an interest in sculpting buteventually switched to painting and earned a degree in Fine Art. After graduation in the early 80s andbefore computer graphics became huge, Donna became an architectural illustrator at a major architecturalfirm in Dallas. Ultimately, around 2001, Donna returned to her first love, fine art and painted with a group in the Cedars area of Dallas. In 2018, she traveled to North Carolina, where she studied under LindaKemp, known for negative painting, an intriguing, alternative approach in which the subject is established by painting a dark background around a light-colored central object rather than by painting the objectitself. Most artists work in the positive, typically adding one shape on top of another.

She earned her Masters Degree in Fine Arts in 2012 from Texas A & M - Commerce, where as an adjunct professor she taught drawing and design. Upon graduation Donna landed a job teaching drawing at NTCC.

Now retired from teaching, Donna created an art group in Winnsboro that meets once a month. They enjoy painting, visiting art exhibits and challenging each other as artists.

Donna and her husband of forty years have two grown daughters and live on Lake Bob Sandlin. A passionate animal lover, they have two new Border Collie puppies and eight cats.

We hope you’ll come by the Fire Station Museum to see Donna’s exhibition which features large works, as mall works series and her children's book all available for purchase just in time for Christmas.